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☆Order From Pandabuy☆12

Pandabuy is a trusted agent for helping you to buy yupoo items. If you are gonna place an order via Pandabuy agent, click the link below, to become a Pandabuy user, you can use the code “nick” to redeem a 5% discount on shipping. Register Pandabuy here https://www.pandabuy.com/login?id=1&inviteCode=8KTZHN7BH How To Buy via Pandabuy Agent (Tutorial Video): https://youtu.be/tuMHXTXEwxc
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The way to get a 5% shipping discount on Pandabuy

Once the item arrives at the warehouse, you can prepare to ship your parcel. Firstly, pick an ideal route, then you can find the position to redeem coupons below, please kindly click "Discount Code" here


There is a PandaBuy exclusive shipping discount we can get, please enter the code "nick" to redeem a 5% discount on the parcel submission page

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